Friday, November 09, 2012

Snowy Leo

Leo LOVES snow. Like is happy to play in it all day. He doesn't seem to get cold. Ever. I guess he was probably used to it in his past life.

He continues to improve socially- really that is his only issue at this point. He is super easy to live with, quiet, laid back and mellow in the house, ready to go when you are. Doesn't bug the cats, has been great meeting new dogs, and is just an all around good boy.

He is happy and relaxed in the house now- not as jumpy and sketchy as he was. He doesn't get into anything and is totaly trustworthy.

Meeting people is still hard for him. He is friendly, but is easily startled. And if he is wound up I don't trust him at all with other people. I am not afraid that he will bite me at all anymore- he trusts me 100% and I can jump around and screach, and flap my arms and he thinks its funny- not a threat. So that has been big progress!

We've been working on some clicker training games to teach him that it's okay to learn and that any effort gets rewarded. He is a pretty challenging dog because he so easily gives to pressure. I've stopped offering him a treat from my hand as that would shut him down sometimes. Instead he catches, or I toss it on the ground. He has improved a lot since I figured that out.

Still no bites for a home for him. I haven't advertised except word of mouth and facebook though. I am so worried he will bite someone and be in trouble... Oh Leo. What are we going to do with you!!!

It's a good thing he is so easy. Although now I wish we hadn't named him Leo. It sounds too much like Vito that when V gets in trouble Leo is sure it is his fault...  But I figured he wouldn't be around long so it didn't worry me at first....


^..^Corgidogmama said...

I would think that these photos of Leo would help entice someone to come and see what a good boy he is! He deserves a good forever home, but I'm sure he'll hate to leave yours when the time comes.

Charlene and Storm said...

feel free to make a little video for us of you jumping around and screaching while flapping your arms, that picture in my head gave me a really big grin LOL!!!

glad things are going well tho x

Lots of love

Charlene and Stormy

Thirteen Sheep (Or More) said...

Leo is cool! I always wish that I had room for one more, especially when it's a dog with a challenge or two. It looks like you're doing very well with him.