Friday, November 16, 2012

Dog Show Weekend

The Kennel Club dog show weekend totally snuck up on me!! All of a sudden today is Friday. Geez! I am very excited though. It will be a fun weekend. Dog shows "at home" are great fun. Visiting friends, hanging out, and yet I can still go home to get away from the hairspray and the "smell" that all dog shows seem to have. It will be wonderful.

The girls are entered in various things.

Brit is making her Scenthurdle Debut. I am nervous but I think she is ready, and she really does love it. I also have her entered in two Rally trials. She got a Rally novice Q a long while ago and hasn't been in the ring since- so I'll be sending all the confidence I can muster down the leash to her!

Pixel is entered in Open. Three trials. We only need one, but I entered some "insurance" runs just in case. She has been super solid in training so here's hoping I have happy Pixel tomorrow!!! She is only running one race in Scenthurdle. But more about that later.

And the Woo!!! Wicca is entered in Advanced and Excellent Rally. To finish of her RAE title. She has had a year off from all things fun and strenuous on her little body. But she has been sound for months so here's hoping that a little heeling, and two jumps aren't going to do any damage. We haven't practiced much so we may be little rusty, but she's a great obedience dog so I think we will be just fine. I am so excited to have her next to me in the ring again. I can't even explain it.

The action starts today, and I'm running an Obedience/Rally Match tonite at the show. I've still got plenty of things to do to get ready for that though. lol. Like finding a Rally Judge.... anyone? ;)


Anonymous said...

Good luck!

WigglyZack said...

Have a great weekend and good luck - although I am sure you won't need it

Tammy Taylor said...

Darn, I wish I knew you wanted a rally judge...I am not but I could have done a good job pretending.

Just having the ring there was just fine regardless. Thanks!