Monday, November 19, 2012

It's Complicated

It's over. The Local show has come and gone. It's a lot more work when you are part of the club. Lol. But it wasn't too bad and for the most part was a good weekend! Even though it is a small club most of the members were out in full force helping out where they could.

The uncomplicated good news first! Brit earned her Rally Novice title this weekend. With two 94's. The second score was good enough for High in Trial even!! I'm pretty proud of her. She was a little nervous but worked through it and was even a little goofy in the ring- poking me for cookies.  I have her runs on video- Ill add them later.  Brit also ran in her very first scenthurdle races!! She was flawless and had a great time. She is very excited about this game!!

The bad news. Pixel. Oh Pixel. She was pretty good and up at the match on Friday. Saturday morning we go into the ring and she pees. Like a lake. I don't think she was stressed. And it is pretty unusual for her to just pee like that. So I'm going to start giving her cranberry stuff for a bit and keep an eye on her. Maybe a bladder infection. Maybe she just had to pee. Or maybe this is related to the other issue.. (which is a blog post comin soon) The second trial she was kind of flat and a little off. The video doesn't look too bad but I could feel and then see that she isn't herself.  Something is going on. We NQd that trial when she sat up on her down....  I pulled her from Sundays trial. If she isn't feeling well I don't want her associating that with the ring. I am very dissapointed though. I thought she was ready. And I thought I would wait until after this weekend to figure out what the heck is going on with her. But apparently that was not meant to be. :(

And the bittersweet news. I am happy to say that Wicca earned her RAE in style with a 98 and a High in Class in the very competitive Excellent B class. Pretty good for a dog that hasn't been worked in over a year. It was pretty great to have her with me in the ring. We were both a little rusty in the does trial- had to redo a sign!! (first time I've had to redo a call front. Lol). But by the time the excellent course came around we were in the groove for sure. Man I love this dog. So I am thrilled to have had a chance to take her in one last time. But it made me sad all over again!! She loved it. I loved it. And she can't play. It's crappy.  And she really can't play. Those two rounds took a lot out of her. She is sore and I had to give her am extra dose of traumeel and I even broke down and gave her some metacam yesterday afternoon.  Her back is sore and twitchy. From a combined three minutes in the ring. Sigh.  It does confirm that I've made the right decision for my dog. Sometimes I have doubted that a little.

So although I am happy with all the success and fun this weekend, I am also feeling a little sad.
As the post title suggests- It's Complicated.

I do have video that I will post later today or tomorrow. 


Sarah said...

Complicated indeed ... Lots going on for sure ... Hug them all!

oddman said...

Gee, nothing ever comes easy for you, does it. Hang in there.