Sunday, August 03, 2008


Yesterday morning Sarah and I took the girls Herding. It was fun, until Wicca hurt herself. And then I almost had a heart attack. Thankfully she is okay- I think she just stung herself a bit. You see, she was chasing and trying to bite the sheep...which made them all spooky which in turn made Wicca want them more....she dove in to bite them and the sheep turned at the same time- resulting in an instant limp. Nice.

After a few minutes of walking it off she seemed to be better, a nice massage last night and this morning and she's back to normal.

We are trying to teach Wicca to move away from the sheep a bit more- and are working on her directions...she is doing pretty good- minus the retardo moments!

Gyppie is doing awesome- she acts like a real border collie now and is hugging the fence in an effort to be farther away from the sheep.

No pictures- maybe some crappy video later though!


Cardimom said...

I'm glad she seems ok. Good luck at Nationals!!

onecollie said...

oh dear, it's "Kort syndrome" !!!
hope she's ok!