Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cheer Up.

This afternoon we all needed a break. I left Boone at home with Sam for company- and I met my dad and Kate and Drew down at Indian Battle Park.

They girls- Kate and Wicca had lots of fun playing fetch. The boys, not so much. They both waded and attempted to fetch-but didn't really have a lot of success!

I don't think I've ever blogged about Drew before but he is one of my most special dogs- he is a Rottweiler/Akita cross who is a gentle, easy going kind of guy. He is very food motivated and he knows lots of fun and silly tricks. He and Kate are best buds!

The pics aren't great- they were taken in the bright sunlight with a crappy old canon point and shoot digital...But you get the idea :o)


Kim said...

I love pictures of Kate and Drew on your blog. Kate is such a pretty girl and Drew has the best doggie ears ever. I just want to smooch his big 'ol face!

Anonymous said...

aww poor boone got left home on his5th birthday lol