Saturday, June 06, 2015

Pixel CDX!!!!!!!

Pixel earned the last leg for her CDX today!!!!! I'm just so thrilled!

We have been struggling for a few years. Yea. Years. With the damn sit stays. Throw in the odd broad jump, or drop issue and well- you spend a lot of money on entries and do a lot of training. 

But finally. She got it. And I think actually understood she needed to stay in place. Her drop on recall was beautiful and she was happy and enthusiastic.

It was a crappy score though. Not gonna lie. Lol. She anticipated the finishes and dropped the dumbbell at my feet. Not even kidding. It's like they just make things up to mess with us. 

In any case am thrilled. Way to go Pixel! Super excited about utility!! We have some stuff trained. But have a ways to go! I'm looking forward to new challenges and failures though! ;)


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onecollie said...

so proud of you guys!!!! I feel like I got a CDX too!!! lol

onecollie said...

OH, change her titles on her names!! and dont forget her SHDMX !!

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