Monday, June 08, 2015

Brit- first Open try, and Excellent Rally

Entered Brit in Open for Saturday and she rocked it! She was happy and eager and had a great time. She anticipated the recall and walked the broad jump. So we failed but I was happy despite the errors! Such small things for her first time. The afternoon didn't go so well. She was worried and I ended up stopping mid heeling pattern to give her some support. She didn't really recover and we muddled through. 

Sunday I entered her in rally instead. Because of the melting Saturday, and the fact that I trial so rarely- I didn't want her last memory of the ring to be stressful. 

It was just the thing and we had a fantastic time. She earned a perfect score the first time and we had another 100 going until I mis-cued the moving stand and she dropped instead. Costing us 10 points. So a 90. My error, not hers! Now we need one more excellent leg for her title. She seems to really like rally so o think I may focus on that with her for a while.  Good ring exposure, without a ton of pressure. While we work on training for open. 

Thanks to Liz for the great photos of her open debut! They are great!

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