Friday, January 02, 2015

More adventure and less procrastination.

Wow. January 2nd already.

2014 was busy. I did lots of awesome stuff. I did some not so awesome stuff. I worked a lot. I worked hard. I had fun. I made time for family. For friends. I loved my dogs. I did stuff that I thought I couldn't. And I went to some cool places. I had lots of personal growth and triumph. It was mostly a great year.

2015 will likely look a lot like 2014. I have some awesome adventures planned. I plan to work hard so I can play hard. I plan to make time for my family, and spend fun times with friends.

I also plan to procrastinate less. I would say that is my worst trait. So I'm going to work on that.

Without a doubt there will be hardship and struggle, but as always I'll figure out how to cope and recover and move on. Life is so short- and full of surprises. Good and bad. It's important to roll with punches and not get stuck getting beat up all of the time, or get caught up in fighting back. Literally, or figuratively. ;)

And I will enjoy and celebrate the good stuff. No matter how small. Because in my life there is a lot of good. I'm lucky to have a family and friends and a job and opportunity and my dogs. I keep myself centered by thinking of all those things. Because that's the important stuff.

So bring it on 2015. We are ready for ya!

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Taryn said...

I hope you have a wonderful year!