Monday, January 05, 2015

11 Years of Awesome

Wicca is 11 years old, and still as awesome as ever. Her attitude, personality, and zest for life have never slowed down. Physically she is very much an old dog now, but mentally she is as sharp as ever. We have done a lot of really cool stuff in her 11 years. Everything I asked of her she did with all her heart. Happy Birthday to the best dog ever, and the keeper of my heart. 

<3 ya Woo.


Taryn said...

Happy B-Day Wicca! Wilson is a bit over 11 1/2. He really doesn't act too old yet. He still gets the zoomies in the backyard, can take long walks, and "plays" at agility. The only thing I notice is that he sleeps a lot harder now and is willing to sleep more.

onecollie said...

Happy Birthday Woo!!!