Thursday, November 27, 2014

new header

I've had the same header for over a year. Mostly because it's always a big pain in the butt to change it. i can never get the size quite right, and it just annoys me when it's not centered. Like right now for example.

However, I wanted something Christmaslike. So this is just one of the photos that the very talented Lorelei Hoffarth did for me last year! She does fantastic work and I love all the photos she took of my crew!

One more, of just Wicca. <3


^..^Corgidogmama said...

WOW! Now, that's a header!! Fab pics as always.

onecollie said...

love it !!!!

Taryn said...

Nice! Actually, Blogger will resize the photo for you. It's not automatic, but if you drag the edge of the photo to the size you need to fit the rest of your blog content, it works. That is from inside the design mode, template area, I think. I found it the last time I changed my header (It only took 5 years. LOL!) The imperfect sizing had always bothered me as well. Hopefully I can find this feature again when I need it.