Thursday, May 08, 2014

Wicca's Best Day

If possible I love this dog more each day. Today she came along on an adventure and had the best day. She completely stole the show, and truly was the highlight of my day. She is hilarious, and even at ten years old is the boss. Of everything.

She came along to agility practice, and the farm. She didn't listen at all, rolled in stuff, got in the way, nearly caused a stampede, chased gophers, and a cat or two. And just generally was awesome.

Some photos from the day...


toy thief

part of her victory lap after I let her do a tunnel. <3 Her Joy was heartwarming. 


Rolling on a dead worm

it was a good roll! 

mooching treats 'cause she worked so hard. 

at the farm. on chicken watch. 

a gift. 

she wasn't sure she liked it. 

In the lambing pasture. She was helpful. 

and pushed all the sheep out. LOL

She then spent the afternoon supervising the working dogs. It was a tough job. 
After such a busy day she is now sleeping in a sun spot at my feet. <3
Never change Woo.


^..^Corgidogmama said...

She's a grand old girl feeling her oats on a sunny day. So glad you both got to have so much fun!

Taryn said...

You know she LOVED that day!