Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Field Trial

Running behind on this blog again, but last weekend the Border Collies and I headed to the Sheep River Sheepdog trial. It was a lot of fun, and I had a great time with my dogs, and with my friends.

Brit ran in intermediate for the first time. That is a class where I stay at the post (no helping the drive), and not only does she have to do a drive away, but a cross drive too. Oh, and the outrun is bigger too. I was a little worried we were in over our heads. But I worried for nothing! Brit did a great job! In fact our first run she won first place! The second day we lost one. ;), and the third day was a good try but the sheep were heavy and fighting and Brit doesn't do well with that sort of thing. I got on her case a bit, and she quit. lol. That'll teach me. I need to find the balance between making her do the right thing, and taking her sensitivity into account. She is definitely a challenge sometimes! Our homework is to work more on taking a "Steady"- and whistles. She is so far away now that whistles are becoming neccesary- especially if it's windy...

This is Saturday's run. She came first in her class. I was thrilled with her cross drive on this one. Driving is not her strong point. Lots of things to work on though- my timing for one. lol. And steady- as in go slow.

Leo was in Novice and did a pretty good job! We had some trouble here and there- my timing, his pushy ways. Some wrong flanks. But-  We have been working so hard on our drive that I am just thrilled with how well he did on that part! He is getting it- slowly but surely. On the second run we lost our sheep. (same as brit actually). He was too forward and fast, and I didn't stop him in time. I thought he had caught it but I should have left them alone to settle a bit longer before walking him up. Live and learn! I need to learn to be more proactive with him- anticipate that he is going to be a little pushy and get on his case a bit. I didn't use my "time" nearly enough and by the third day he wasn't listening to it at all. He is a really fun dog to run though, I need to not get caught up in the excitement of him. lol. The best part of the weekend for him aside from the drives- was the pen on sunday! The sheep were very difficult all weekend and there were not many pens the whole weekend. But he had a great handle on his sheep on that last run and we got it! He came in first in the run.

This is Mondays run- the last day. I was pretty happy with him! 

So lots to work on with both dogs, and with myself. Each trial I come away knowing a little more about my dogs, stock, and myself. 

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