Sunday, March 09, 2014

Stiff as a board

Brit and Wicca had an appointment with my rehab/chiro vet today. She comes to our city every few months, so unless there is an absolute issue we wait for her to come. Brit has been lame more often than normal- she has a funny leg that sometimes she is fine on, and other times not. I've had xrays and there is some breakdown at the hip joint but in the past this vet has thought it was a sacrum issue. Anyway- lately she has been worse. She had a slip on the ice a bit ago, and seemed okay after rest but she just seemed off.

I was not wrong. Brit was very crooked. Like visibly so. Both her head and pelvis.  Her head was really weird- no range of motion in either direction.  She had a few adjustments in her spine, and then her pelvis/sacrum area. Dr.Devall  attributes Brit's limp to Sciatica (sort of), as the leg itself is fine. I had her look at the knee and she said there is no deformity, or issue. I have some exercises to do to keep her sacrum area stretched out. She said I should continue doing what I am doing with her though- as her core is getting stronger and there is new muscle there.

Wicca was stiff as a board. So tight that it was too hard to do much even. She got a few adjustments though, and seems looser already. It's nothing new- all part of Wicca's chronic, ongoing, never-ever-ending issues. This time though it  may be a slight psoas strain even- but she was too tight to manipulate much. She is on Robaxin for two weeks, and then likely a follow up appointment after. Her neck and shoulders were good this time though- so that's something positive. She was very sore, which does not surprise me, as even I could feel it when I would massage her. Hopefully the robaxin will loosen up those muscles to get some blood flow back in there. On the plus side she is using the little stairs I borrowed for the couch!

Next time Veronica comes I am going to bring Leo. Just to be proactive as he gets more into agility. He is been sound (knock on wood, no, really...) But given my luck I do want to be really sure that he is physically good to go.

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