Monday, March 31, 2014

Nosework Update

Training the dogs in Nosework has been a lot of fun. It is a new challenge, and I am enjoying learning about something new again. I've been doing lots of reading about scent, and how it travels, and what sort of training methods are out there.

Wicca continues to improve and is getting better each time. We are still really not ready for the trial that is coming up in a few weeks. I am regretting entering it- only because I think she will be frustrated and I don't want her to fail. It is the vehicle search more than anything- she doesn't understand to really look hard if it's not obvious right away. It has been so cold that we haven't had much opportunity either- but now it is mostly decent enough out that I should be able to get one in each day. Some of the things we are working through right now- commitment, and focus. She is getting better about staying committed to the source, but is not always very focused. I don't like the wandering around she does. And if she is really excited she is very vocal whining, and barking. lol. But I am hoping that frequent, short searches will help that.

We went somewhere new (a friends Tae Kwon Do studio), and it was great for them to work in a new exciting environment. I have video of Wicca's two searches. She also successfully did a blind vehicle search. It was slow, but she did it. So progress all around. 

Here is the interior search


and a box search.


and Vito got to come too. He is pretty good- once. Anything after that first time and he mostly just goofs around. Frustrating really. lol. In the video you will see I start on leash, and then have to take it off. He hates the leash touching him and gets all weirded out. He's a special one. lol


I also started Pixel on Sunday- just the basics. I am experimenting with a clicker, and spending more time teaching an actual indication right away. I will keep track here how it is going. So far so good.I am going with a down. She caught on to the one box pretty good. She's a smartie-pants so I suspect she will get it fast. 

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