Friday, November 08, 2013

Bad Blogger and Randomness

I am a bad blogger. Too much to write. Too little time. And then it feels as though it was so long ago that it's not worth writing about. Except that my blog is really the only way I can look back and see what I was doing, and where things are at. So here is a whole bunch of random stuff. Not in any particular order other than how it pours out of my brain.


Wicca and I attended a nosework seminar. It was pretty neat. Wicca had a LOT of fun. I've worked through some of the stuff at home, but haven't really gotten into it yet. We are talking about starting a work group/class to keep us all motivated. There is no one local doing it- so we will have to keep each other going until the next time we bring Kim.

Vito is fat. Like quite fat. I've not had a fat dog in a very, very long time. He is hard to lift up. That's how fat he is. I don't know when it happened. Or how. Same exercise as always. Same measured cup of food. But obviously all the little extra times he gets into the cat food, garbage etc. are adding up. So he has been on a diet now for three weeks. And getting into more stuff to make up for it. Jackass. I might need to actually get a bag of diet food as I don't think I can cut his food down anymore than I already have.

I am trying to train Leo in agility. And not trying hard enough. He hasn't been on a contact in more than a month. It's hard and frustrating not to have equipment. So then I get annoyed. And then don't bother. Even though I know full well I could train contacts without the actual equipment. I am still obviously a little angry. lol. I did score a $30 ten foot tunnel! I know! $30! I was stoked. But it has sat unused since I bought it. Except for one time. I wonder if part of my problem is the social aspect. It's not a lot of fun to train by yourself. In any case, I have a new class schedule starting in a few weeks and I have set aside some time to get to the meat of the handling he needs to learn. I even did up 6 weeks of layouts for us. To motivate me....

The Sue Ailsby clicker class I am doing online is ending this weekend. Monday is the last day to get feedback etc. It has been a super course- lots of really great information. And even though I have been clicker training for a very long time I got lots of suggestions and ideas. Sue is a brilliant trainer and has an amazing eye for stuff. I was very impressed. Brit enjoyed herself, and I feel that all the shaping we've done has really loosened her brain up a bit. I like free thinkers, although we may have crossed over into too creative sometimes. lol. In any case I am sad that it is ending. I would love to take another course- the skillbuilding one looks particularily awesome. But I am poor.

I am poor. I haven't been this broke in a long time. Like since I was 18, and working part time making 8$ an hour. I sorely misjudged how much more expensive my new house was going to be. I mean, I knew how much but I didn't really think about how much. lol. It makes no sense, except that I am poor. So I have been doing extra training, extra lessons, and although I HATE the thought of it- I will likely have to see if I can get back my Thursday shift. :(  I hate being stressed and too busy. But I hate being poor more. I am just barely making ends meet. Not a lot of extras happening these days. And I worry about that. Because my nest egg is not very big should something happen to one of the dogs, or my car, or whatever.  So time to buckle down.

Wicca is almost ten. It makes me feel a little ill to write that. But I have been thinking about it a lot. I don't want her to be ten. January is coming.

My sister told me today that there is something like 48 days until Christmas. I am horrified. I have done no shopping. And if you read this big long post you will know already that I am poor. I think that homemade gifts are in the cards this year. I might even get crafty.

I am happy right now. If not a little unsettled. I have certainly been cranky lately, but still happy. It is a double standard I guess. I am learning to just shut up. Keep my thoughts to myself. Let things go. It's nice

And it is on the radio a lot. It's playing right now on the tv. And I am so annoyed by it that I am writing about it... Who decides what becomes popular? How the hell does that happen? What kind of stupid people choose to listen to that crap.  

I have focus problems apparently. As I left this post to go and work on my training facebook page. The first step is the hardest they say. I am just so sick of watching, reading and hearing about the awful ways that people train dogs in my area! I have been teaching classes for years. But not officially (no business license). But this week is the week. I'll be heading down to city hall on Tuesday... And then to run the gauntlet of insurance... Like I need more things to add to my to do list, but if I just get this step over with I will have more opportunity...

That is all. I don't even have a cute picture to leave you with. My card reader is broken, and I will need to go buy a new one tomorrow... good thing I have a few lessons booked this weekend...


Taryn said...

Don't worry about Wicca turning ten. Wilson is 10 1/2 and I can still look out the window on cool mornings and see him enjoying a case of the zoomies all by himself, just for the pure joy of running. They don't think about their age, so you shouldn't either.

And, yes, that song is asinine. I thought it was just a joke the first time I saw it, but I guess it's catching on. Gah!

onecollie said...

I am so excited for you to be training officially!!! yippee!
Poor sucks! we can be poor together :)

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Ok. You're in a funk. You'll get over it, and all will be well. Whatever happens happens, and you girl will survive it. Keep smilin' or keep cranky whatever works for you. Your pups will help with the bumps. Hang in!

Diana said...

Being poor does suck. Sorry. You may already be doing this but add green beans to Vito's food so he feels full but it's not much calories .

Christina Amos said...

My oldest is turning 9. I'm in denial.

Also, I love that song! I really did not like it the first time but on repeated exposure I started obsessing over it. I can't even explain what I like, I think part of it is it's so off the wall and silly.

My local zoo had one weekend where you got $5 admissions if you did your best "fox" sound for everyone present. HA!

HyperHounds said...

Congrats on the new tainting business! It's a rewarding and fun business to run. You will love it.

Tammy Taylor said...

Lots going on but sounds like you have a go for it. Good luck.