Sunday, November 17, 2013


The thing I want most from my dogs when we are in the obedience ring is attitude. A good one. Some excited animation, a wagging tail, a hop to their step. Fun.

Thankfully I had all that and more for most of the weekend. This past weekend was our local Dog Show. Aside from ring stewarding and working, I also had Pixel and Brit entered in Obedience.

Pixel was wonderful. So. Much. Wonderful.
She was happy and bouncy, and did almost all of the exercises right. Friday and Saturday she did something she had never done before- anticipated the recall! And then of course had a perfect drop, and then call to front. Sunday she held the sit, but missed the drop. lol. AND THE MOST AMAZING THING HAPPENED! She held her out of sight sit. That three minute out of sight sit has been an issue since the very first weekend in Open. And she nailed it today. I am just so thrilled with that. We still need that elusive last leg, but we rarely trial so it may take a long time. I am okay with that. After this weekend I think we are closer than ever and I may do an early spring show to see if I can get it. If not, then our summer show will be the next time.

Jo videod my runs this weekend. Here is Pixels rounds from Friday and Saturday

Brit was a good girl. She gave me some great effort, and I am happy with that. Friday she was a little distracted but worked pretty well. She went down on her sit though!!! So we failed. Saturday she was brilliant. And I do mean brilliant. Happy, prancy heeling, wagging tail. A happy girl for sure. Perfect in all things. Her first qualifying score- a 190/200. Which is awesome. And then today she was weird. Spooked by something and I could not convince her to heel with me. It was pretty awful. I have never seen her like that. And I can't even pinpoint what it was. Maybe just sick of the dogshow? In any case I know she can do it! So we will continue to train and proof, and all that fun stuff.

Here is Brit's 190/200

We Scenthurdle Raced on Saturday. It was fun, although we only did a few races. Next year our team is splitting into two- which will increase our number of races per dog. Pixel raced once and was spot on, even after fumbling her first time. She gets drooling in anticipation of the cookies at the end and lost her grip. lol

And of course I have to talk about my awesome students!!!! So much awesome. So much great attitude. I loved it. They have all worked very hard and did amazing. Some new titles, and more importantly some new found confidence! :)

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