Sunday, July 07, 2013

Head Course Builder and She who bosses people around.

Head Course Builder and She who bosses people around.

Those were my titles this past weekend. Our local kennel club held a CKC agility trial this weekend and I was kept busy pretty much every second of the weekend. lol. Although I was busy I had a great time. Which is surprising because I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it on the actual day. But it was actually pretty awesome. There were a few tough/awkward/sad moments. For example some people didn't know about Wicca, let alone Pixel being retired.... But those moments were few and far between.

The trial went smoothly and we had TONS of awesome volunteers which is great. So I had ample help for most of the course builds. It was SO nice to see at least some of my agility friends. I have missed them! It was nice to see my friends runs, and be able to cheer them on and offer support when they needed. I've been out of the loop for a while- so it was just nice to be there and feel that energy.

I brought the Border Collies and Pixel for Saturday (the girls ran scenthurdle), and just Leo today.  They had fun, and Leo schmoozed with lots of people, did some work on the sides, and was just a really good boy all weekend. I was proud of him just on his behaviour alone!

Scenthurdle was interesting. Brit didn't scent at all. Not sure what was up with that. Pixel was a rock star. We ended up quitting Scent early because of a severe storm (like hail so hard and fast that it made me worry about my windshield!). Which was crappy because we had a rough start as a team so it would have been nice to end more on a positive. But the storm had other ideas and it wasn't safe to be out in a field full of metal any longer. lol

So this weekend marks the second last big event I am planning/organising. I am glad this, and the obedience trial are all done. Our committee all worked hard- so I wasn't alone- but wowsers. It's a lot of stuff.... Next weekend I am running an afternoon of demos in support of a local rescue group. It should be fun- if not a little "fly by the seat of our pants". I think that Leo might even be able to participate! He's coming right along so I might try him once, even just during the break to let him work in another new place.

I leave you with a picture of my cat. Who pretty much photobombed every photo I tried to take tonite. lol


onecollie said...

it was an awesome weekend even if I was tired of hearing you yell, "I need pole setters!!! where are my pole setters"!!! lol

Ryan Rusty said...

This is very nice, your committee all worked hard so you weren't alone. It's a lot of stuff. I appreciate that, Next weekend you are running of demos in support of a local rescue group.

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