Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sunny, Sunny Saturday

I spoil myself. I really do. Today I slept in. Like until 9:30!!!  Fed the dogs. And we were off for the day. A nice leisurely walk in the middle of no where. There is almost zero chance of seeing a single person. Today we walked for a good hour and a half. Took some photos- Leo got to participate in a group photo! He was very good. Unlike a certain Pyr Shep who would not sit still and had to be tied to Wicca... (see new header photo...)

puppy Dixson
And then down the road to Altapete where I played with puppies, talked dogs, and then worked Brit and Leo. I really, really enjoyed myself today. The weather was perfect. Brit and I held sheep for the first time today for someone else. We did not too badly. lol. She is not very good at patience, so we will work on that more.

I worked her on my own today while Jenny went in search of a long line and leather gloves for bad boy Leo...

We worked on "there" and I think she's got it. I made myself use a "there" instead of a liedown, and actually got her turning in on the sheep even off balance. We also did inside flanks, which she has very limited knowledge of. This worked good with the "there" stuff. I ended with just a few little drives. She is not confident with this at all but she needs to learn it's no biggie. The sheep were heavy and lazy though so it was hard on her little brain. lol.

photo by Jenny Glen

Leo is so good with a long line on! A little cautious. Which is a good thing. I've been struggling with him for the past month or so. He gets so fired up that a stop becomes a battle. The long line takes that fight away. He's starting to understand that I want a bend all the way around and we got some good distance. I am going to try and get a lesson with Scott when he gets back and see if he can help me even more. Leo is so different from Brit it is hard to re-learn everything.

Anyway, now here I sit. Tired dogs at my feet. It's going to be a movie night at my house tonite. And probably early to bed after being so busy today!


sagechronicles said...

Love that photo of Leo. So intense...

Christina Amos said...

2 border collies frame the short dogs quite nicely if you ask me! :)

DeltaBluez Tess said...

thanks for the cute pix of Dixson