Saturday, March 02, 2013

Best Ever.

Today was an action packed day- Obedience training at Cowley in the morning. There were LOTS of puppies in attendence, and two of my newer Rally students came out for the first time too. I worked Brit and Pixel. Brit did a rally course- her heeling is getting better although I constantly have to remind her to get in. Which is annoying. So I am going to go back and work on stationary, and one/two steps to see if I can include touching me in the criteria....  Pixel did a whole Open routine and her heeling was amazing. She missed her Drop though- but everything else- even the out of sights were great. So I left pretty happy!

The afternoon was spent at Altapete. Brit is making some real progress- today for the first time she actually looked like a trained dog and not just a yahoo Border Collie running after sheep 100mph. lol

This is definitely the best Outrun she has done to date- nice and deep, and at a good pace.

Leo worked today too. He continues to impress me. Today he caught a run away not once, but twice, and didn't give up. He's quite the dog. He is still learning his flanks, and about balance, and pace, and distance. But instead of learning about all of those things one at a time like Brit did he is being taught it all at once. He is a tougher dog than Brit and has no trouble with PRESSURE...

Weather permitting I'll be going out again tomorrow to play with puppies, and sheep. ;)

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That is looking really good.