Monday, September 10, 2012

Okay, I spoke too soon

So it seems that a phone call from the police can put a stop to even the most irrational people. So blogging hiatus be gone. ;)

You didn't even have time to miss me!!

 I took off for the weekend even though I debated most of the day- do I go and leave my house, or do I stay home just in case. I ended up going after my friends pressured me. And I am VERY glad I did.

We had a great weekend. I love the mountains, and this particular trial is one of my most favorites. The crip mountain air, the beautiful trees, the friends. It's just perfect.

Mostly I enjoyed the company. I had all my dogs (and foster dog Leo) in tow, and we cuddled, and walked, and hung out. My dogs really do help me to stay grounded. I love each of them for different reasons. Without them I'd be lost for sure.  Friends are awesome too, and lots of our Go Dog Go peeps attended so we had lots of laughs fun, and support. I haven't been to a trial in a while- so it was nice to see other agility friends aswell.

This trial was a little bittersweet for me. Last year Wicca earned her ATCH here. This year she is forced to retire and sat in an xpen miserable and pissed off the whole weekend. It was the only sucky part to the weekend. I so miss running my little baddog. She was the bestest. And I know she misses it too. I see other people running their old dogs and I more than a little jealous. This weekend was difficult for me for that reason. But at least I still have her sitting in the xpen- miserable or not. Unlike a few of my friends who have lost dogs between then and now. I am grateful, but still a little sad.

The other dogs had a blast though. Pixel was entered in 6 events and qualified in four of them! Two Standards, and Two Jumpers. She earned her Bronze Jumpers, which I didn't realise until I got home. I coulda got a purdy ribbon! She was great fun to run- quick, and zippy, and full of happy little sass. She did have a few weave problems though- which earned her a massage from Sarah today. She didnt' find anything major though- just a little soreness on one side that seemed to work out with massage.

Vito got to play in two runs, a standard and a snooker. In the standard he was so funny. Ran like a speed demon, but missed the tire, the chute, and the weaves. He actually had to duck to go under the tire... He was having such a good time I didn't bother to fix it. He Q'd in Snooker though! Even though I didn't walk it, had no path, and was the first dog up. Vito likes agility in small doses, so I was really happy to get in a few runs with him.

And the most exciting part of all- Boone came out to play. I ran him FEO in a Starters Standard and he was smoking fast. His weaves were brilliant! Who knew he could weave like that!!! He was a little stressed, but didn't leave, or disconnect, or poop, or pee. So I was thrilled. Boone did agility a lot a few years ago- he got up to Masters pretty quickly, and then it was like a short circuit in his brain every time we tried a masters course. It became pretty apparent that he couldn't handle the stress and pressure of it anymore. So it was really nice to have that back for just one run. It was the cherry on top of a good weekend. ;)

Brit did some obedience training, and Leo worked on social skills. He did great- and is getting better and better. Soon he will be ready for a home of his own!!!

All in all a pretty awesome weekend. Great dogs, great company, fun courses, and friends. What more could a girl want!!!


Diana said...

Im glad the crazy person got under control. Soundn like a wonderful weekend.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Amazing about Boone! Even though we hit snags sometimes, good friends, and always the devotion of good dogs help us shake the crap in our lives off.
Great pics, and great news!