Sunday, September 02, 2012


We've spent the majority of the summer working on outruns. Outruns, Outruns, Outruns. I think it's the most exciting part. The speed, the dog watching, learning about pressure, how far is far enough, when do the sheep feel the pressure. It has been interesting to learn about.  And we have  a LONG ways to go still!!!

Now and then we have also work on driving. Driving is where the dog is driving (or walking in a straight line) behind the sheep generally away from you. This is done with you (eventually) completely out of the picture. It is almost directly opposite of what they have been learning (bring the sheep is now drive them away). It is complicated- but thankfully it is something that Brit really enjoys doing and does it pretty naturally.

Our lesson this morning at Phantomridge was spent doing mostly Outruns, with a bit of driving near the end. Next time we will start with the driving- which will be more challenging when she is "zippy." I have to remember to pair my "There-Walk Up" together. So that she doesn't flank out to bring them to me. At this point she does not have reliable "inside flanks" (direction NOT in relation to me) so I am using her name, to get her to turn to me, followed by a "THERE" to get her to walk in to them at the right spot, followed by a "Walk Up" to get her to not think about flanking. It's complicated for my brain.

My friend Cindy came with me today. So I have pictures, and even some video! She worked her Kelpie "Pike" and kept me company on the drive. Although it may seem ridiculous to drive an hour and fourty minutes one way to go for a lesson it makes me happy. So I do it. As my dog zipped around the field this morning- happy, tail wagging, and tongue hanging out I felt totally content.

Louanne's young dog Gus showed us all up when we arrived. So handsome!

Trying to teach Brit that steady is a better pace than fast!

Driving definitely DOES NOT require running. Brit didn't believe me

that's better!

thanks to Cindy for the pictures of Brit working!!

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