Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Practice makes....perfect???

Last night a few of us worked a bit on Outreach stuff at the daycare.

Wicca's exercises of the evening:

We warmed up with some good old Stays- I really need to make a better effort to teach her. Whenever she breaks I tell myself it is my fault for not teaching her...It makes me work harder!

One Jump Exercises (rear end work) did well-she really does have a hard time with this as her jumping is not very efficient most times anyway. We did 10 reps and had 4 ticked bars.

Start Lines I used thrown food past the jump to try and get her to sit like a vulture- and increase her desire to take the jump. It worked really well, she broke twice, but not really to take the jump....not quite sure what she was thinking.

Start line position changes I am doing this to make her more aware of me at the start line. I wonder if some of her startline problems are becuase she is so focused on what she wants- agility. This makes her think and she is doing really well. She is scooting forward a bit at each position change but it is getting smaller and smaller.

Weave entries- 90 degree entry- no equipment before or after, just sending her ahead to three poles. 3 reps great, and then fell apart- I was rewarding in the wrong spt (surprise) so she started missing the last pole. Fixed it by using a target- first time with target stole the food without weaving- little bugger.

Weave Entries with speed- used a ball to get her driving out of them more- did great 4 reps

Weave Entries with distraction and speed. - added a jump- (do you like my little sketch)

o o o o

did great- five reps perfect. ball as a reward

2 reps of reving her (holding collar until she was barking and pulling) failed 2 x. Had to give her an extra verbal cue. 3 reps with ball reward- good.

Next session I want to work on Jumping patterns- threadles, FC on 270's and handling.


Sarah said...

LOL "little bugger"

its tough to outsmart wicca, poor poor amanda, :) stuck with a really smart dog. note the sarcasm.

i'm glad she had a hard time with the revving up, that is more accurate to her mind set at a trial, when she goes into autopilot and forgets to take a second to use her noggin. glad she is working through that!!!!!!!!! I think that is one of her biggest issues, but don't get me wrong it is WAYYYY better than it was!!!!!!!!!!

i have the same problem with G & K!!!

But not J she is perfect. ;)

manymuddypaws said...

I asked myself why I was doing that as she fenzy barked into my ear before I let her charge into the poles...but then I remembered ;o)

Poor poor Sarah, to have a perfect dog ;p

Cardimom said...

Giggle. Stealing the treat off the target! Mine (well, mostly Holly) like to try and pull that too. Naughty puppies!