Tuesday, January 19, 2016


In herding Balance is found by feel. You don't teach it really, the dog just learns by feel. It's natural for most border collies. Some dogs stop short, before hitting that magical sweet spot. And some overrun and miss balance all together. But with a bit of practice and training most figure it out. 

Balance for me- in my life- has been incredibly difficult. I don't feel as though I've found it, nor am I anywhere close to it. Sometimes I feel as though I've gone past balance, and other times I've stopped short.  I'm hoping that one day I'll find that perfect spot- the one where it just feels right. I wish that it came natural, because it's getting real old trying to figure it out myself. 

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Mick said...

Balance is a constant battle, a journey, a discovery-life. It involves experiencing the extremes so we find where our comfortable level (balance) lies. I've tried eating vegetarian and then so far as to go vegan for a few yrs. I see by going to extremes I find my comfort level (balance) while enjoying the challenge and the journey. You have 7 dogs (extreme), and you must love the challenge each of them bring to your life, otherwise you'd change things. Also, if you feel you have no control over aspects of your life, that situations control your life, then you'll feel overwhelmed, which can cause you to give up power and come to a standstill. You are figuring out your balance, we all are constantly. Balance, in humans, doesn't come 'naturally' (like for dogs). It is a life long journey of experiencing extremes and finding the point where we are comfortable. My aim is to make you stop, gain some perspective and realize the balance you do have in your life.