Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Wishes

It's Christmas again. I'm trying very very hard to get into the spirit of things. I decorated my house, bought cinnamon smelly things, and torture my dogs every day for a Christmas themed group photo. 

It's like the Christmas cheer is just out of my grasp though. Frustrating, and like most things the more you want it the less likely it is to just magically happen. 

Christmas cheer or not, I am hoping for a quiet, happy, little holiday. Time spent with friends, family and myself. Time to catch my breath and get ready for what 2016 is going to bring. 

So Merry Christmas to those that still read my blog. I hope it's bright and merry, full of love, laughter and joy.  <3


Taryn said...

I'm still here! You were probably one of the very first blogs I started following.

Merry Christmas! (I'm one that never fully catches the spirit either!)

2halves said...

Pixel is clearly your only Professional Hat Wearer. :-) Enjoy your holidays!

onecollie said...

still here too :)
I feel the same way, the cheer being just out of reach, trying hard too, we should do something before I go back to work
Merry Christmas!!

margaret minetti said...

i agree just going thru the motions this year. hoping 2016 is better for all

Fay said...

Merry Christmas from Tali (a Wicca cousin/Keeper son) and me! We, too, continue to enjoy your blog and your photos!

penni said...

Of course I read your blog. Have a merry Christmas and I am wishing for us all a healthy, happy, successful 2016.