Monday, September 15, 2014

We are not dead. Just busy.

I've become one of those bloggers. That only blog once in a blue moon, and then just dump a whole pile of crap and go. I am going to change that though. Because this blogs true purpose is for myself, and my crappy memory. This blog started out as a training log- a place where I wrote down stuff about the dogs and training, and events and that sort of thing. I use the search feature a lot. For example type in Pixel Open Leg and you will find that she has two. That's the sort of thing I forget. 

Anyway, onward to the blog post. It's been a month. Or nearly a month. Do you know how much stuff happens in a month? A lot. Here's a recap. 

Pixel is still fat. You'd think that with all the swimming and stuff she does she'd be skinny as a post. But no. So we are working on that. She also refuses to hold an out of sight stay. Like barely at all. This frustrates me. So we practice every day. Otherwise she is cute and happy and her same old normal self. 

Boonie is mostly normal again. It's like the moon and the stars and the atmospheric pressure is all just so. I like Normal Boonie. No random spinning, no running away, no staring absently into a corner. Just chilled out, hanging on the couch Boonie. Maybe it's age. 

Vito is a badass. Doesn't listen, sulks around if he gets in trouble. Really hates the bulldog next door. Thankfully they are moving. Vito has had more baths this summer than I can even count. He has a thing about dead stuff. He can find it- anywhere. And then he smears himself in it. Dead things smell bad, and then Vito smells bad. It's quite gross actually. 

Brit is making up for Boonie being normal. She has decided that under the bed is the place to be. No idea why. But if I can't find her that's where she is. Strange. We have stopped working Obedience-well, heeling. Although I am tempted to start rally with her again. But she gets so sore after. It's depressing. Whereas in herding. She is barely ever lame after. Brit is a funny dog on sheep though- sometimes quite good and other times not so much. It is frustrating when she runs away from them however... lol. I am undecided about what the plan is. 

Leo is brilliant. He is a solid worker, with loads of enthusiasm. He is so much fun to train. Living with him is interesting, but I love him anyway. He is a very good agility dog. We've got the basics and then some. What he doesn't have is solid weave poles. I have never had trouble teaching weaves before. Not like this. He is completely bizarre. He leaps through them literally, or runs really fast by them and moves his head as though he is weaving. It is very strange. I blame myself of course- I wasn't entirely motivated when I started teaching him and I stayed at the same point for too long and now I've messed him up. Good thing I like problem solving. On sheep he continues to impress me. His driving is coming along in leaps and bounds now. He still occasionally gets sticky but that rarely happens now. And exciting news- I'm putting whistles on him and Brit right now. I am excited about that! Whistles will help things to be a little more precise- and as an added bonus I'll know that he can hear me when he's 200 yds away. lol

Wicca is mostly great. She has had a few bad days. But she is mostly great. And that's what I think about. I love her so much that it hurts. 

photo by Wendy Devent
And the rest of the stuff. Work is good. My training business is busy. But I feel like I have a good balance between all the stuff in my life. Work, Dogs, Life, Family, Friends. It is hard sometimes. But lately things have been pretty great. Just have to fit Blogging in there somewhere. ;)  I've actually been able to enjoy some downtime- and am not trying to fill every second of the day with stuff. Before the thought of just sitting at home for a day would completely panic me. But have decided that relaxing can be a good thing. It's only taken 30 years to come to that conclusion. ;) 

My dad and I went to Winnipeg for my Grandpa's burial service. It was emotionally draining, but I'm glad I went. It was nice to spend some time with my dad. He is the best ever. And although it was sad, it was nice to have some closure. For him and for my Grandma.

My family is all good- my sister and her kids are wonderful. Little Avery is the cutest baby ever. And Nolen is getting so grown up! It's amazing how smart he is. I've reconnected with my brother- which is sort of weird. We never really got along, ever. But it's a good change. My dad is okay, although I do worry about him. He spends so much time taking care of my mom. It's really hard on him. My mom is worse than ever. But nothing I can say or do will change that so I push it out of my head and heart. That's about all I can do- or I'd go crazy. 

Fall is here- we had the first snow- and although it was just a tiny bit it was pretty cold! I love fall- but am not looking forward to winter. This summer has gone by so fast! It's a blur really. I did a lot of fun things though, and don't regret any of it! I'm already planning for next summer. It involves a passport! 

And on that note, a very happy Pixel- on a mission as per usual. ;) 


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Missed ya!

2halves said...

Kate does those weaves! Or, did before we all got old and stopped caring. Ha. She would do 2 or 3 then pop out and do this little shimmy thing like she thought I wouldn't notice. For her, it irritated her that she had to think about something. She prefers just speed. She can't chew gum and walk at the same time. :)

uf said...

Glad you're doing ok :) seen this?!? I saw it and immediately thought of you :)

manymuddypaws said...

2halves, I think that Leo too is in just such a hurry. I am hoping with lots of practice and repetition he'll get it figured. I know it's all muscle memory- but I also don't want him practicing them wrong either. Weave poles aren't meant for jumping. lol

And uf- I did see that, just today actually! Reminds me of a young Wicca. ;)