Saturday, December 29, 2012

Herding for the Holidays

I've been off work since the 24th. And I am loving the break! Sleeping in, walking the dogs, visiting family and friends. Wonderful.

Oh, and herding. ;)

Last week I took a trip out to an arena near Nanton. Just to scope it out. See what it was like. I planned to work Leo because I didn't know what the sheep would be like. Jenny said that if the sheep were doggie it would be good for her to work because they just run to the person. And she was right! I worked Brit for just a few minutes and she had fun. Rushing into the corner for them and zipping around. I loved the confidence I saw! Leo was pushy. And the sheep weren't helpful. lol. But he had fun.

Yesterday I went out to Altapete for another lesson with Scott. We worked on her stops. She MUST LIE DOWN WHEN I TELL HER TO. Ya. lol. I was proud of her for not melting even with a lot of pressure, and she wasn't nervous of the sheep at all. She worked for almost 45 minutes and by the end we were both understanding what we were supposed to do. It doesn't sound all that hard- walk in to her to prevent her from making a mistake (i.e coming forward on a lie down). Simple right? Not so much apparently. lol. But we did it, and I get the concept. Now to put it into action!

Today we went in the opposite direction to Phantomridge. Just some informal herding fun. It was a great day. Yummy food, good company, great weather and even some Baileys...
this is Nim. And my most favorite herding photo that I've taken to date. I didn't take any photos of my own dog so this will have to do. ;)

Brit was zippy and I worked her only for a short time her first turn. Just a few quick flanks and lie downs (and they were good ones too!!!). We quit while she was still amped up for more. Her second turn was in the big field and she worked with no hesitation. I am pretty proud of her! Here's hoping that more positive experiences will just continue to build back that confidence.

I worked Leo too. He is coming right along. We've been working on Lie Downs and such in the yard. With the excitement of a toy or the other dogs. And it has payed off. He worked pretty well today. He is so different than Brit. Pushy, and forward. lol. It's like I am relearning everything. But I am having fun learning with him! He is a good teacher.

So yes, I am definitely enjoying my holidays and taking advantage of each day. I have a few days left- I go back on Wednesday. So I have a few more days to get in some more herding, relaxing, playing and fun!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everything is going so well. Wish you even more herding progress and fun!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Such intensity in that photo! That dog is totally focused! Enjoy this little break, doing some different and fun stuff!