Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Afternoon Excitement!

Well, I just sent off my entries for the Kennel club show in November. I waffled back and forth for a few weeks and today I decided to just do it.

Pixel needs one more leg for her CDX. One more leg. She still has bits and pieces of things that seem to falling apart. So I was really torn about even entering. I know she is capable of higher scores, but frankly my training just hasn't been what it needs to be. So we will just have to take what we get. In any case I entered her in three trials. Two Saturday, and one on Sunday. She has so much fun doing all the little exercises, I just need to put it all together a bit better. There has been no sign of a limp for a week now- so I will go back to doing a little bit of training every day.

I entered Brit in Rally Novice. She has one leg, from a trial last winter. Her heeling has improved a lot since then, as has her confidence. I'm hoping that all of our "obedience is fun" games will pay off! The nice thing about rally is that it is a great stepping stone- I can talk to her, and help her out as much as she needs. It is a good experience I think, and will help to prepare her for Novice.  She is slowly building up duration, so maybe by Spring she will be ready for real Obedience...

And the most exciting part of my entry? Wicca. She needs only one combined Advanced/Excellent Q for her RAE title. It's been more than a year since she has done anything fun (obedience or agility). She is fairly sound now unless she does something stupid like jump out of the van, or go bounding through the coulees. Or fetch. So I am hoping that she will stay sound, and that I won't be making her sore again by putting her in two times. There is a jump. Possibly three if the Excellent uses it twice. But it is 8 inches. And will be at a trot. I've spent the last few months working on teaching her to heel without looking at me. It was hard beacuse she really didn't get it. lol. But I think we've got it figured now. I still don't practice very much but Wicca is easy, and smart. She will remember the second we step into the ring. I'm really looking forward to being back in the ring with her. It's like an old shoe ya know.

So I'm excited, but oddly nervous.

Oh, and possibly Brit will be able to race at least once in Scenthurdle too!!! She is not super reliable yet with excitement though. I find it tough to run a practice and train my own dog. I need to make a point of getting her out for each of the drills and training. She needs that experience for sure.


Tammy Taylor said...

See you there.

Excitement and a plan to have fun will help with the nerves! Or that is what I keep saying to myself.

Glenna said...

Good luck!